Helping You Develop Better and Safer Products

Ensure your products are in compliance with California Proposition 65, LHAMA, and other essential guidelines with INFOTOX INTERNATIONAL INC of Riverside, California. We are a full-service toxicology and environmental health consulting company staffed by board-certified toxicologists and certified industrial hygienists. Our experts review formulations of art materials, tattoos, perfumes, and other consumer products, as well as conduct exposure and toxicity risk assessments to assure compliance to the US Federal Hazardous Substance Act (FHSA), European Directives, and FDA guidelines.

Consulting Specialties

• LHAMA Compliance & Certification of Art Materials (ASTM D-4236)
• Safety Assessment of Cosmetics, Perfumes & Hygiene Products
• Toxicological Risk Assessment of Consumer Products
• Exposure Assessment to Assure Compliance to California PROP-65
• Compliance to Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA)
• Preparation Of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs & SDSs)
• Compliance to Chemical Hazard & Shipping for Supply
• Occupational Safety & Environmental Health