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Our Company

About Us

InfoTox International, Inc is a California based toxicology consulting company. It was founded in 1987 and since its inception it has conducted thousands and thousands of LHAMA reviews of art materials, Toxicological Risk Assessments (TRAs) of consumer products and assured compliance to product safety laws and regulations.

At InfoTox International, Inc the toxicology related consulting services have either been requested by manufacturers/distributors themselves directly or have been subcontracted to it by some major testing laboratory. These laboratories included Merchandize Testing laboratory, BV, SGS, ITS, STR, CTL, China Dragon, Hong Kong Standards and Testing Center, CMA, TUV etc. Some of the examples of the companies or corporation served by InfoTox International, Inc include MacDonald, Hewlet Packard, Microsoft, LL Beans, Wal-Mart, Michaels, Adhesive Products, and Tamiya of Japan.

InfoTox International Inc has the best credentials in the world in field of Toxicology. The professional working at InfoTox International, Inc included Physician Toxicologist (MD, ETR), US Board Certified Toxicologist (DABT), EUROTOX Registered Toxicologist (ERT), Diplomate American Board on Industrial Hygiene (CIH), Certified Safety Assessor for Cosmetics (CSAC) and Hazardous Materials Managers (HMM).

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect consumers, including small children from exposure to toxic products, including toys, hygiene products, cosmetics, and art materials. This is accomplished by providing manufacturers and distributors a cost effective, high quality consulting service to assure that the products are toxicologically safe under intended use conditions and comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Safety First

We are one of the pioneer leaders in consumer product safety evaluations and certifications. Our staff works very hard to protect consumers from dangerous products coming into the USA, especially children's products. We regularly present seminars and symposiums to trade organizations throughout the world in an effort to highlight the importance of product safety and compliance. Our firm works closely with consumers, manufacturers, government regulators, and distributors to ensure that all safety and compliance requirements have been met.

Qualified Experts

Our team feature more than 35 years of experience in toxicology and environmental health. Our highly qualified staff includes:

• Ph.D.s & M.D.s with Specializations in Toxicology
• Law Graduates & Chemists with MS in Chemistry
• American Board-Certified Toxicologist (DABT)
• EUROTOX Registered Toxicologist (ERT)
• American Board-Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH)
• Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM)

• Licensed Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS)
• Certified Safety Assessor of Cosmetics (CSAC)
• Certified Hazardous Waste Worker (CHWW)
• Certified Food Sanitarian (UCR Extension)
• Certified Lead Risk Assessment (EPA, 1995)


• American Society for Testing & Materials™ (ASTM)
• Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers & Distributors™ (ICMAD)
• Society of Toxicology™ (SOT)
• American Industrial Hygiene Association™ (AIHA)
• Society of Cosmetic Chemists™ (SOCC)
• National Art Materials Trade Association™ (NAMTA)

• Crafty & Hobby Association™ (CHA)
• National School Supply & Equipment Association™ (NSSEA)
• UK Register of Toxicologists™ (UK)
• EUROTOX Register of Toxicologists™ (European Union)
• United States Consumer Product Safety Commission

Tamiya Products

Toxicological Risk Assessment

InfoTox International, Inc performs Toxicological Risk Assessment (Safety Evaluations) of consumer products (example; Toys, Hygiene Products, Cosmetics, General Consumer Products etc), and LHAMA reviews (ASTM D-4236) of art materials (example; Crayons, Markers, Water colors, Paints etc.) to ensure that the products are safe under intended use conditions, their labels are correct, and their formulations comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Leading the Ways for Consumer Product Toxicological Risk Assessments (Safety Evaluations) and LHAMA reviews for over 30 years.

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